CSR and Sustainability

CSR and Sustainability

More than ever, the way food companies source ingredients, and manufacture and distribute their products can significantly impact social and environmental performance, as well as how consumers view those brands.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a broad concept addressing topics such as human rights, corporate governance, health and safety, environmental effects, working conditions and economic development. Sustainability is another key component of CSR that continues to gain currency in the food and beverage industry. Market data suggests products and companies that keep sustainability as a focus are viewed in a more positive light by consumers, increasing trial, quality perceptions and willingness to pay a premium.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint
    by Judie Bizzozero
  • CSR & Sustainability
    by Judie Bizzozero
  • Achieving Sustainability in the Cocoa Sector
    by Melissa Kvidahl
  • Case Study: Madécasse
    by Joanna Cosgrove
  • Case Study: Theo Chocolate
    by Danielle Rose

Takeaways for Your Business

  • Widespread consumer use of social media has led many companies to re-examine how they do business.
  • 60% of consumers are more likely to try the products and services of a company demonstrating CSR.
  • Cocoa is one sector where manufacturers are gaining points for positively influencing supply chain.

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