Video: Trumm Farm Supplies Applegate With Humanely Raised Pork

Trumm Farm pigs are humanely raised and cared for, producing superior pork products to consumers.

The video opens with vast green pasture grasses blowing in the wind, giving the impression of wide, open space. This is exactly how the pigs feel on the Trumm Farm in Iowa, supplier of pork to Applegate. For more than 45 years, this family-owned farm has been humanely pasture farrowing sows in huts in which they can stand up and move freely about with their whole litter inside. Rather than embrace modern, commercial operational farming, the Trumm family ceased to administer antibiotics to their pigs and takes pride in making each animal as comfortable as possible. To them, pig farming isn’t just a job, it’s their family’s blood, sweat and tears.

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