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Food Science & Innovation Weekly News Round-up - Nov. 8 2019

Each week we collect the top stories and latest news in food trends and production, making it easy for you to stay current on science and innovation.

Do consumers have certification fatigue?

As more and more symbols are listed on product labels, questions abound: Might consumers be experiencing certification fatigue? Do certifications still hold value for customers? Are verification seals a good investment for brands? New Hope Network’s NEXT Data & Insights team analyzed food and beverage certifications appearing on products exhibited at Natural Products Expo West 2019 and concluded that while certifications don’t necessarily drive sales, obtaining multiple seals can be a solid marketing investment that allows food and beverage brands to communicate function and value to consumers. Read more at New Hope Network

Cargill invests in National FFA Organization

Cargill is investing in the National FFA Organization to enable the latter’s efforts to bridge the needs of the agriculture, food and natural resources industries. Over three years, Cargill will invest $2.1 million in the organization to help it develop future leaders who are prepared to continue advancing sustainable agriculture. The National FFA Organization’s sustainability leader development program will receive $300,000 of the investment. Read more at Food and Drink International

‘Storytelling’ is absolutely crucial to market success, says Innova Market Insights

Innova Market Insights has released its Top Ten Trends for 2020. Using ongoing analyses of global developments in food and drink launch activity, the market researcher highlights industry trends most likely to impact the food and drinks industry over the coming year. Crowning Innova’s trends list is “Storytelling: Winning with Words,” which underscores a spike in consumer interest in discovering the origin stories behind food and beverage products. Read more at Food Ingredients First

Key trends in functional foods and beverages

Everyone likes to track trends. But the only trends that matter are the ones you can connect your products to and that make a lasting difference to your business. New Nutrition Business editor Julian Mellentin and author of the annual report 10 Key Trends In Food, Nutrition and Health, identifies key trends that are worth pursuing in 2020, including plant powered, digestive wellness and sugar reduction. Read more at NutraceuticalsWorld

Bakery can benefit from clean, natural and snack-friendly concepts

Clean label continues to dominate the entire packaged food industry, but natural flavors/colors pose a unique challenge to bakers. Two decoration and coloring suppliers discuss what’s trending and how bakers can reach new audiences. The underlying theme is to embrace the challenge of creating practical, all-natural baked goods and keep consumers on their toes. Read more at Bakery and Snacks

10 tips for a sustainable ‘Friendsgiving’

Thanksgiving is a wonderful way to connect with both family and chosen family. Unfortunately, big feasts like this often result in a lot of food going to waste. Nobody wants to be wasteful. It generally happens because we want to show we care by filling our guests’ stomachs—or because we’re unsure how much to cook for a big group. But when good food goes to waste, so does everything it takes to get it to our plates. Each year, about 200 million pounds of turkey meat are thrown out over the Thanksgiving holiday. The greenhouse gas emissions from a pound of wasted turkey meat are equivalent to those of burning a half gallon of gasoline. The author offers 10 tips for cutting down on the waste. Read more at NRDC

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