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Food Science & Innovation Weekly News Round-up - Nov. 1 2019

Each week we collect the top stories and latest news in food trends and production, making it easy for you to stay current on science and innovation.

New grocery aims to put clean label to the test

A new platform is looking to raise the stakes in the grocery industry ever higher by rating thousands of groceries across a range of categories based on sustainability and toxicity. Pure Market, which not only grades but also sells food and other consumer packaged goods, says its mission is to empower consumers to make more informed shopping decisions based on research culled from scientific lab testing for harmful elements such as plasticizers, pesticides, heavy metals and more. Read more at Progressive Grocer

Cargill to expand Ohio soybean crush facility

Cargill is investing $225 million to expand its soybean crush and refined oils facility in Sidney, Ohio. As part of the project, Cargill will increase crush capacity, modernize operations as well as create greater market access for farmers’ crops in the area. The upgraded facility also will unload trucks more efficiently and faster for farmers delivering soybeans, the company said. This investment will help Cargill provide a better experience for farmers when they choose to sell their crops to the company. This also demonstrates its commitment to invest in and grow with the Sidney community. Read more at Baking Business

Why private equity firms are buying food and beverage brands

New products, supercharged ingredients and cleaner-label formulations of old favorites can be found throughout the grocery store today. While this explosion of creativity is partially the result of consumer interest, there's another good reason: deep-pocketed investors. These investors make it possible for brands to pay distributors and retailers to get on shelves, to put together marketing campaigns, for more things to happen — without brands needing to be independently wealthy. Read more at Food Dive

Texture trends and innovation: Modifying mouthfeel, engaging the senses and making visual statements

Texture enhances any food experience and continues to be a prominent feature in food and beverage innovation globally. Overall, texture trends fit directly into the three mega consumer-driven trends: the demand for plant-based foods, the desire for clean label, and sugar reduction. As these demands continue to grow, the need to formulate with texture becomes increasingly critical to manufacturers because ingredients must deliver texture experiences consumers know and love. This article takes a closer look at the way texture is shaping the food and beverage space. Read more at FoodIngredientsFirst

Do non-nutritive sweeteners have a place in children’s diets? American Academy of Pediatrics and Calorie Control Council weigh in

As non-nutritive sweeteners are consumed by at least one in four children, the American Academy of Pediatrics has released a policy statement calling for clear labeling and future research into how they affect childrens’ health and taste preferences. The AAP policy statement recommends that the amount of the no- or low-calorie sweetener be listed on product labels so families can better understand how much children are consuming and any possible health effects. Read more at FoodNavigator

Going with the grains for fiber claims

The Food and Drug Administration over the past two years has more clearly defined what ingredients meet its fiber definition. Several ingredients sourced from grains now qualify. Achieving FDA claims such as “good source of fiber” or “excellent source of fiber” will become more difficult, but going with grain-based ingredients, including those sourced from wheat, oats, barley and corn, should help food and beverage formulators reach the claim levels. The FDA has raised the Daily Reference Value for dietary fiber to 28 grams from 25 grams. Read more at Food Business News

PURIS unveils new pea starch for sports nutrition gummy formulations

Pea protein innovator PURIS has unveiled new carbohydrate ingredients that can function as a gummy binder as well as a constituent in sports nutrition formulations. One of the uses for the new pea starch is as a binder in gummy formulations that will enable a brand to make a completely vegan gummy. The ingredients are also aimed at sports nutrition formulations as a low glycemic solution to support energy and recovery. Read more at Nutraingredients-USA

SupplySide West: Plant-based eating, sugar reduction and other food trends

In this podcast, NaturalProductsINSIDER’s Judie Bizzozero offers key insight into macro forces driving healthy food and beverage innovation, including plant-based nutrition, sugar reduction and mindful eating. She also discusses opportunities for explosive disruption in the beverage category including the mainstreaming of sports nutrition as well as new flavors, proteins, probiotics, botanicals, CBD and other ingredients. Read more at Natural Products INSIDER

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