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Food Science & Innovation Weekly News Round-up - March 8 2019

Food Science & Innovation Weekly News Round-up - March 8 2019

Each week we collect the top stories and latest news in food trends and production, making it easy for you to stay current on science and innovation.

Sauce innovation spotlights freshness, flavor and clean labels

The market for sauces, dressings and marinades is exploding. Consumer desire for something different in a familiar format is driving product developers to create condiments featuring bolder flavors, but also attributes in tune with today’s consumer trends, such as freshness and clean label. Brands are offering refrigerated sauces and dressings without preservatives or made using new processing technologies that allow for freshness without compromising safety. Product developers are also working to eliminate ingredients perceived as negative or unhealthy to achieve a clean label positioning. Read more at Food Business News

Plant proteins’ flavor masking challenges

Plant-based proteins are quickly taking over the food and supplement market. As much as consumers are interested in protein-rich foods and beverages, the unpleasant taste of proteins derived from plant sources is often hard to endure. Reducing the earthy, bitter and sometimes chalky off-notes of different plant proteins is more complicated than it seems. A number of manufacturers are committed to experimenting with various flavor masking solutions to overcome the challenges associated with natural and organic flavor-masking agents. Read more at Nutritional Outlook

One-third of Americans still aren’t familiar with plant-based meat

Two of the biggest ongoing stories in the food industry revolve around a single topic: meat. Both camps agree on a single point: The way humans currently consume meat is problematic, be it for environmental reasons or because of inhumane treatment. The solutions are distinctly different, though not mutually exclusive. A new generation of plant-based meat alternatives is currently expanding around the globe in restaurants and on store shelves. However, while the development and availability of meat alternatives is booming in America, China and India seem more willing to actually eat them. Read more at Food and Wine

Follow your gut to digestive health

The term “microbiome” describes all the bacteria that live in the body, mostly in the digestive system. When someone has more good than bad bacteria in their gut, they’re in healthy equilibrium. This primer on the digestive health and the bacteria that live there explains the difference. Both probiotics and prebiotics contribute to digestive health. Probiotics are the healthy bacteria that live in the gut. Prebiotic fiber is the food that fuels them, helping to maintain a healthy digestive balance. It’s a synergistic relationship. Without prebiotics as fuel, probiotics would starve. With prebiotics, probiotics thrive. Read more at the Austin Daily Herald

Chefs gear up for pairing with scientists to promote sustainable eating

A green cuisine effort is growing in France as scientists warn that meat consumption must be drastically cut to fight climate change and sustainably feed a global human population set to reach 10 billion by 2050. A number of high profile chefs and environmentalists are trying to drive the message home that our current eating habits, which rely heavily on large scale farming and livestock production, have got to change. To do this they featured the potential of “future foods” at a recent luncheon at the Pompidou Center in Paris. Read more at Newsgram