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Food Science & Innovation Weekly News Round-up - Feb. 14 2019

Each week we collect the top stories and latest news in food trends and production, making it easy for you to stay current on science and innovation.

Why the secret to your mental health is in your gut

It’s no coincidence that the feelings we have in our head often manifest in our gut: They're actually evidence of the gut-brain axis, a theory taking root in modern medicinal practices that shows our gut and our brain are more connected than we thought. Clinical studies are now validating what many people have known all along: that the gut truly is a “second brain” and acts as a mirror to what is going on in our mind. Read more at Organic Authority

How to eat your way to a healthy gut

Science has a ways to go before we know exactly what nutrition is best to support gut health. It would seem feeding our microbes with a diverse diet and creating a comfortable environment for them seems the right thing to do. But it may be easier said than done. Gut health and microbiome researchers suggest the following foods can help “hack” your gut bacteria: probiotics, prebiotics, plentiful fruits and vegetables and fermented foods. Read more at BBC

Clean beverage sector to grow in 2019

When it comes to beverages, clean is the new choice for consumers everywhere. Savvy, label-reading consumers are taking time to choose food products with cleaner labels and ingredients and are quick to shift loyalties if the products do not meet their criteria. Natural Marketing Institute research shows that almost 54 percent of Americans look for such clean labels in their search for "real" foods and beverages. Plant-based beverages are also among those that are making significant headway in the market. Read more at MultiBriefs

Watch your language: Tasty words lure people to healthier foods

Rich and zesty or low fat and vegan? Clever marketing with mouthwatering words can boost sales of plant-based dishes by more than 70 percent, according to a recent study from the World Resources Institute’s Better Buying Lab, which is aiming to get people to eat more sustainable foods. Currently, the predominant language is “meat-free”, “vegan” and “vegetarian”, which is not typically associated with deliciousness. Language isn’t a silver bullet, but words can play a key role in reframing the food and luring in a whole new set of the population. Read more at Reuters

Cargill, WFP accepting applications for solutions to end world hunger

The World Food Program (WFP) Innovation Accelerator and Cargill are accepting applications for the Global Innovation Challenge for Zero Hunger, through February 28. The goal is for start-ups, private companies and NGOs to submit solutions that can sustainably lift people out of hunger. WFP says this is a critical problem for every organization with a global interest, no matter what sector. The organization believes the only way to solve the issues is with a private sector that is integrally engaged and involved. Read more at World Grain

Takeaways: All about Texture

Prepared foods is one of the fastest-growing segments in the global food industry, thanks to busy consumers seeking convenient, nutritious and time-saving options in the form of frozen, refrigerated and shelf-stable products. Consumers may want convenience in the kitchen, but they still desire foods with homemade textures and simple ingredient decks. Both established brands and newcomers to the segment need to consider its quickly evolving market dynamics as well as understand both formulation challenges and ingredient functionality. Read more at NaturalProductsINSIDER

Proposed bill would ban sugary drinks from kids’ menus

A proposed bill in the Connecticut State House would completely remove sugary beverages including soft drinks, chocolate milk and juice from children’s menus in the state and prohibit them from being served in children’s meals. Instead, restaurants would only be allowed to offer “water, sparkling water, flavored water with no added sweeteners, unflavored milk or a nondairy milk alternative. The bill does state that customers are allowed to purchase sugary beverages from the adult menu if desired. Read more at Fox News

You don’t have to go no carb: Instead, think slow carb

It's now trendy to eat a low-carb, even no carb, diet. And, it’s true, this can lead to quick weight loss. But ditching carbs is tough. On average, adults in the U.S. get about 50 percent of their daily calories from carbohydrates. And, if you truly cut out all carbs, you'll have to give up fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans — the building blocks of a healthy diet. The answer may be in choosing slow carbs, such as fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains that take longer to digest and have less impact on blood sugar, insulin levels and calorie count. Read more at NPR

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