Market Opportunities Clean Label Gums & Starches

Market Opportunities Clean Label Gums & Starches

When it comes to creating an appealing texture in foods such as sauces, soups and condiments, many product developers are eliminating artificial gums and modified starches in favor of clean label alternatives to meet consumer desires.

Consumers are looking for convenience in foods that provide homemade textures with simple ingredient decks. Qualities such as viscosity, opacity, mouthfeel, shelf extension and stabilization are critical to product success, but reformulating and repositioning mainstream products to carry a clean label declaration isnt easy. Whether a sauce, soup, frozen dessert or refrigerated entrée, the product must meet consumer expectation on many fronts, including taste and texture. Natural gums and starches can help bridge the gap.

Table of Contents

  • Viewpoint
    by Judie Bizzozero
  • Market Opportunities for Clean Label Gums & Starches
    by Judie Bizzozero
  • The Ultimate Texture Test
    by Melissa Kvidahl
  • Case Study: Sir Kensington's
    by Joanna Cosgrove

Takeaways for Your Business

  • The global market for hydrocolloids (like gums, starches) is estimated to hit US$8.5 billion by 2022.
  • A blend of clean label ingredients may be needed to achieve the effect of a single conventional one.
  • Functional ingredients in this category include xanthan gum, agar, carrageenan and pea-based starch.

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