Video: CNN Freedom Project Examines Strategic Partnership to Nix Cocoa Slavery

CNN's Freedom Project tells how Tony's Chocoloney fulfills its goal of making the world a nicer place by only using cocoa beans from farm cooperatives in West Africa and strategically partnering with Barry Callebaut that ensures the company only uses these choice cocoa beans.

CNN’s Freedom Project video tells an all too familiar story of labor abuse and trafficking of underage boys to work as slaves on cocoa plantations. Through its strategic partnership with Barry Callebaut, Tony’s Chocoloney can guarantee its chocolate is slave-free. As the beans are roasted, the company keeps them separate, placing the finished product in a tank exclusively for Tony’s. This partnership allows Tony’s to produce unequally shaped chocolate bars that reflect inequality in the world while keeping with the brand’s marketing to always remind consumers why Tony’s began in the first place.

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