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Sustainability 2.0 - Unpacking the possibilities – digital magazine

Sustainability 2.0 - Unpacking the possibilities – digital magazine

Download this market overview to learn how suppliers and brands are pushing the envelope across the value chain to source sustainable ingredients and products.

Sustainability is the future of food production and product development. A broad term that encompasses everything from supply chain traceability to recyclable packaging, sustainability may be poorly defined in the minds of consumers, but its impact on the way we produce food, what we eat, and the health of our planet is clear.

For suppliers and brands, the influence is profound. As consumers become increasingly informed about environmental issues and sustainable ideals, they reward brands that align with these values. Concepts like basic transparency, eco-friendly packaging and understandable, clean ingredient decks are the new baseline. As a result, suppliers and brands push the envelope across the value chain to source ethically produced and sustainable ingredients and products and prove themselves to a broadening base of varied and skeptical consumers. And for brands not on the sustainability wagon? They need to jump on fast.

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